“Find Your Way to WPT World Championship Series” underway at Crown Poker Club in Ha Noi, Vietnam

Cards are in the air for the “Find Your Way to WPT World Championship Series” at Crown Poker Club (CPC) in Ha Noi, Vietnam. The ten-day local event runs from October 28 to November 6 featuring 16 events and ₫13 Billion in guaranteed prize pools. Unlike previous festivals hosted in the country, this one will see wallets padded to the maximum with the club advertising “No Tax on winnings”.

At 11am today, the WPTC Series Opener ₫2.5 Billion guaranteed kicked off, joined by the ₫400 Million gtd Mini High Roller and Deepstack NLH in the afternoon. Here’s an update on the day’s activities and all the events look forward to in the coming days.


WPTC Series Opener ₫2.5 Billion gtd – underway

The WPTC Series Opener is the first guaranteed event scheduled with an offer of ₫2.5 Billion (~$103,580). This is the largest kick off prize pool advertised by a local club in the capital city. That should be incentive enough to hit the tables. At the time of posting, registration closed for Day 1A. The opener runs from October 28 to 30. For those that missed today’s closing buzzer there are still two starting heats tomorrow to try to qualify for the final day.

Buy in: ₫8,800,000 (~$365)
Guarantee: ₫2,500,000,000 (~$103,850)
Day 1A: in progress
Day 1B: Saturday, October 29 at 11:00am
Day 1C: Saturday, October 29 at 3:30pm
Final Day: Sunday, October 30 at 10:30am

Players start with a stack of 25,000 with opening blinds at 100-100 for the first two levels, 100-200 for Level 3, then the BB Ante begins. Blinds increase every 30 minutes. Registration closes at the start of Level 11. For signups at the last second, you still start with a healthy 20 BB stack. Day 1 bags up once the field is down to 12.5%.

Mini High Roller Single Day

For the big wigs, the Mini High Roller ₫400 Million guaranteed is also up and running with action taking off at 1:00pm. This will be the first trophy awarded at the series. At this time, 21 have ponied up the ₫22,000,000 (~$885) buy in. Entering players receive a stack 200,000. Blinds increase every 30 minutes. Registration closes at the start of Level 11 which is approximately 6:40pm local time. For signups at the last second, you have 16 BB to kick off your hunt.

Deepstack NLH

Another chance at a trophy today is at the Deepstack NLH however it is a non-guaranteed event. Cards were in the air as of 3:30pm with registration open until the start of Level 7 which is approximately 6:40pm. Buy in is ₫3,400,000 (~$137). Players start with a 20,000 stack. Blinds increase at a faster 20 minute pace.

Upcoming Events

The next days will see excitement build with trophies to be won and seats to grab to the WPT Prime Championship and WPT World Championship. The Main Event is anticipated to draw another huge turnout as witnessed at CPC’s past homegrown events.  The headliner guarantees ₫5,000,000,000 (~$207,160).

WPT World Championship Satellite

The WPT World Championship is creeping up fast and one way to win a seat to the $15M guarantee Main Event is through the CPC WPTWC Satellite. The winner will be guaranteed one seat worth $10,400. The satellite takes place on Tuesday, November 1. There are two options to consider:

  • WPTWC Satellite Step 1: this is the most cost effective route; with a buy in of just ₫6 Million (~$250) you can win your way to the Final Step which brings you one step closer to earning that coveted $10,400 seat; two seats to the WPTWC Satellite Final Step is guaranteed
  • WPTWC Satellite Final Step: jump in the Final Step for ₫35 Million (~$1,450) and win your seat worth $10,400; one seat to the WPTWC Main Event is guaranteed

*The WPTWC Main Event takes place December 12 to 18 at The Wynn Las Vegas.

WPT Prime Championship Satellite

The WPT Prime Championship is another key event in the WPTWC menu and it certainly pays to play with a $2,000,000 guarantee in tow. Buy in is an affordable $1,100. While this is practically a norm price at most main events in Asia, getting in for less is always welcome. On October 31 is the WPT Prime Championship Satellite. Buy in is ₫3.5 Million with two seats guaranteed.

*The WPT World Championship takes place at The Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from December 1 to 20. 

WPTC Series Main Event ₫5 Billion gtd

At the tail end is the WPTC Series Main Event from November 3 to 6. For a buy in of ₫16.5 Million (~$685), players have a chance at the burly ₫5 Billion (~$207,160) prize pool.

Day 1A: Thursday, November 3 at 11:00am
Day 1B: Friday, November 4 at 11:00am
Day 1C: Saturday, November 5 at 10:30am
Day 1D (Turbo): Saturday, November 5 at 4:30pm
Final Day: Sunday, November 5 at 11:00am

Mystery Bounty ₫1.5 Billion gtd

The increasing popularity of the Mystery Bounty secures its place in the series roster. To spice up the pot, ₫1.5 Billion (~$103,850) is guaranteed. This is a two day event running from October 30 to 31. Buy in is ₫11 Million (~$455) with ₫3.5M going to the bounty pool.

High Roller Events

High Roller events are another growing attraction, especially in Vietnam where turnouts have been impressive. The series has three HR events scheduled and each one extends a guarantee.

Event 2: Mini High Roller Single Day – October 28 – ₫400M gtd – ₫22 Million buy in
Event 8: Super High Roller 2-Day Event – November 1 & 2 – ₫1.5 Billion gtd – ₫55 Million buy in
Event 15: High Roller The Finale – November 6 – ₫1B gtd – ₫33 Million buy in

CPC ₫13 Billion WPTC Series full schedule

Stick with us at Somuchpoker as we bring you daily updates on the ongoing series.


“Find Your Way to WPT World Championship Series”” at Crown Poker Club announced

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